How to Stay Healthy Without Giving Up Meat

Stay Healthy Without Giving Up Meat

Is it possible to be a meat-eater and still remain healthy in your diet? This question leads many individuals to consider vegetarianism, and while this is a dietary and lifestyle decision that may be right for many, it is not necessary to altogether give up meat in order to stay fit. Far from it, in fact; the only thing meat-eaters need to do is to remember the basics of health and nutrition, as laid out in our four guidelines below.

Trimming the Fat

When it comes to eating meat and still being healthy, the basic goal is to go as lean as you can—which obviously means taking the time to remove any fat from your meat before you eat it. This is a little bit of extra labor, but it is worth it, as it means you can continue enjoying meat and still put your health first! When you roast a turkey or a chicken, leave the skin on to seal in the flavor, but then remove the skin—and any fat that’s lurking behind it—before digging in. For beef and pork, simply grab a knife and cut visible fat off the meat before you cook it.

Choose Lean

With the above said, it is obviously important to choose leaner meat products, as well. Fatty meats should be considered indulgences, reserved for very special occasions. For everyday home cooking, stick with white meats that come without skin—cuts of chicken or turkey, for example. When it comes to beef, cuts that are labeled as “choice” are usually leaner, with “prime” denoting more fat. Round, sirloin, and tenderloin are three of the leanest cuts of beef, incidentally.

Cut the Sodium

Another tip for making meat dishes healthier is to curb the salt you add. Instead, try to flavor it with citrus or with herbs. Note that you can also seek low-sodium meats at the store.

Use the Right Techniques

Finally, note that the cooking methods you use are also important. Grilling, broiling, baking, and roasting are the best options for keeping your meat light and healthy, and, even when using oil and butter sparingly, your meats can still come out tasting delicious! Note that, when you’ve got meat in the oven, it is smart to use a baking rack so that fats can drip away from your meat.

The bottom line is that there is very much a healthy way to eat meat—so don’t feel like you have to give it up just to keep the pounds off!

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