5 Rainy Day Exercise Ideas

5 Rainy Day Exercise Ideas

For many of us, exercise is very much an outdoor pursuit—a jog through the neighborhood, a swim in a public pool, or perhaps a friendly game of basketball or soccer. These are all terrific ways to stay fit, but of course, rainy days can make these activities difficult to enjoy. As such, it is a great idea to have a few rainy day exercise routines in your repertoire. Five such fitness strategies are listed below.


If you’re looking to get toned and trim from the comfort of your own living room, think about investing in a set of kettlebells. These small weights, which resemble small bowling balls, can provide fast toning results; kettlebell swings burn calories at very fast rates!

Jumping Rope

If kettlebells aren’t quite your speed, consider jumping rope. Jumping rope is an astonishing calorie-burner. Spend half an hour jumping and you can burn 300 calories. Little wonder this is a preferred workout style of many boxers and even bodybuilders.

Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts help you get fit by using your own bodyweight as resistance—meaning there is no need to invest in any equipment. As such, these are the perfect living room workouts. Try some planks, some crunches, some squats, some lunges, and some push-ups!

Home Yoga

If you’ve got a good yoga mat and half an hour of free time, you can easily fit in a solid yoga workout. The key is to focus on some movements and poses that really engage several major muscle groups. Also try some poses that get your heart rate up, for maximum calorie-burning effect.

Home Fitness Equipment

Finally, for those who are really looking to make a solid investment in rainy-day fitness options, note that there are always the tried-and-true methods of home exercise biking and treadmill workouts. Either of these pieces of equipment will provide you with some wonderful opportunities to burn calories and get the heart rate up, no matter the weather.

Other Options for Rainy Day Fitness

Of course, we would be remiss not to note that a gym membership will also take care of your rainy day workout problem! Even so, having some home fitness options at your disposal is useful, especially for those days when you simply may not feel like getting into the car and driving down to your workout facility. Consider adding a couple of the items listed here to your regular workout routine!

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